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Me about 6 hours ago

Crispy Golden Bao

One of the top items on the menu, get this!

J9neeener 1 day ago

PB & Chili Noodles

Ridiculously tasty.. reminds me of my mom's cooking!!

Vera 4 days ago

Crispy Golden Bao

the filling inside is outstanding! flavors really work well together, super tasty! would always order this.....

Michael 9 days ago

Truffle Garlic Noodle


Kat 20 days ago

PB&Chili Noodles

I had the PB&Chili Noodles with satay chicken, and upon seeing my bowl, my first thoughts, this bowl looks colorful and beautiful, and I can't wait to take my first bite. Not only was this bowl gorgeous, it was bursting with so much flavor and texture. It had the perfect amount of spice, sweetness and saltiness. I loved the crispy fried shallots, roasted peanuts, crisp lettuce, and fresh cucumbers. I also enjoyed the whole cilantro on top, since I'm a big fan of the bold cilantro flavor. The chicken and noodles were cooked perfectly. Each ingredient came together perfectly to create the most delicious bowl. I savored every bite, and I was sad when my bowl was empty. I can't wait to come back for more. Thank you Shioki for crafting such a thoughtfully delicious meal! It's evident that the food you create here is a labor of love, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to experience your food.

Nathan 28 days ago

Cha Cha Noodle Salad

This is the prettiest street food I've ever eaten

Daniel 30 days ago

Crispy Golden Bao

Delicious new twist of the traditional banh Bao that we grew up in VN...

Utgirl0224 about 1 month ago

Asian Street Bowl

Super delicious!! Steak was tender and bursting with flavor and the rice was delicious!

Melinda M about 2 months ago

Crispy Golden Bao

Love the food and I definitely love the customer service NICE! See you soon.

Cynthia 3 months ago

Hot Chicken Bao

Luv the chicken bao..coming back for other dishes...

Babyj 4 months ago

Crunchy QQ Roll

Absolutely love it.

Patricia 4 months ago

Crispy Golden Bao

The Crispy Golden Boa is absolutely delicious! ALso enjoyed the Asian Street Bowl and Cha Cha Noodle salad. We are coming back again and again, and telling friends to go to Shiok.

Lizeman 4 months ago

Asian Street Bowl

Delicious. Nutritious. Flavorful... Fantastic experience!!!

Sangmody 4 months ago

Zen Bowl

This vegetarian delight was one of the best bowls I've had. Such a flavorful dish and I'm not always a fan of jackfruit but the way it's seasoned in this bowl, it's now one of my favorite things to eat! The drinks are super creative! Thank you. We will be back!

Rizanielsen 5 months ago

Strawberry Shortcake

Its really good and refreshing. taste similar to Starbucks pink drink but they give a generous portion

Sophie 5 months ago

Sea Salt Thai Tea

Shiok serves up the best drinks in town. The fundamentals are well done, like the rice. The seasonings and flavors are Asian street food caliber.

Brian 5 months ago

Asian Street Bowl

Flavorful and filling

Stacey Davis 5 months ago

SHIOK! Signature Banh Mi

The steak was great! Very flavorful, lean, and tender. I really enjoyed the slaw toppings. The mixture of flavors was amazing!

Kevin 6 months ago

Hanoi Noodle Salad

i think this is awesome

Sinclairapril 1 day ago

BBQ Jackfruit

I love everything I've tried at Shiok but this bowl is my favorite! I'm not sure witch is more impressive, the food or the kind service and great smiles I get each time I visit.

Gigi88t 2 days ago

Curry Noodles

Yum! It was great!

Tgordon51 5 days ago

Cha Cha Noodle Salad

I have had several things on the menu and none of them have disappointed. Everything is flavorful and authentic. The people working there are always helpful when trying to decide what dish to try. The Cha Cha noodles with the pork was delicious...highly recommend!

J 16 days ago

Hot Chicken Bao

So good, considering all the hot chicken places that have been popping up, this is the one i keep coming back to

Kedixon34 28 days ago

Asian Street Bowl

I really loved the Asian street bowl. The shallot ginger rice was flavorful and savory. The pork was cooked to perfection. I really enjoyed tryinf SHIOK and I would definitely go again and recommend to a friend!

Irinaktaylor 29 days ago

Asian Street Bowl

Since we started with the Nightmarket Pork Belly I decided to be good and only eat half of my Asian Street Bowl (with the steak add - DO IT!). It took a lot of will power - this bowl is so good I cannot believe it is healthy!!! Normally veggie packed bowls are limp and bland but this was so full of flavor and crunch that it actually felt like a treat not a punishment! The rice on the bottom with the crispy shallots was so tasty - I normally don't enjoy rice because it is so blah but this just sits on your tongue daring you to not make mmn, mmn noises! I wolfed down the second half as soon as I got home, by the light of the fridge! I should have brought the whole bowl home! Why do you have to be so close to home? AND available on grubhub?I'm going to be seeing (and tasting) a LOT of you.

Jackjobes987 about 1 month ago

Asian Street Bowl

I really enjoyed this. Very good portion sizes and very tasty!

Suzycue1956 about 1 month ago

Nightmarket Bao

Let me start off by saying it was our first time eating at Shiok and it won't be our last. The staff was very friendly and met the owner Karin who was very friendly and made us feel welcome. You get to choose your protein and I chose the beef. The beef was very tender, the chickpeas were very flavorful and the entire meal was delicious. As I said earlier I will be back and plan to tell my friends about this restaurant. And everything on the menu is very reasonably priced.

Valentine9999 3 months ago

Asian Street Bowl

Citizens (: You must try Shiok's Asian Street Bowl with Pork Belly!!! The pork belly was superb, Just the right ratio of fat to meat, the flavors of all the different veggie toppings and flavored rice was Nom, Nom, Nom. Very easy to eat vegetarian and vegan here too, a plus. The staff were very welcoming, as well, and added an extra something to my dining experience (: (: (:

Ymjunk7 4 months ago

Asian Street Bowl

I got the Asian Street Bowl with Cha Cha Pork and it WAS yummy! A perfect combination of sweet, savory and acid and the texture is great, too. Highly recommended!

Vivshanney 4 months ago

Crispy Golden Bao

We tried 3 things, there was the pork bahnmi, crispy Golden baos and shrimp roll. They were absolutely so tasty. I had a honey green tea boba drink that was fabulous!

Katielee 4 months ago

Zen Bowl

Delicious and creative. Definitely will be back.

Julietkaneyuki 4 months ago

Crispy Golden Bao

Everything I've tasted so far is delicious and everyone working there has been friendly! My family and friends agree its Shiok!

Anne De Borja 5 months ago

Crispy Golden Bao

Holy Yummm!!! So glad to have found this gem in the area. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the Crispy Golden Bao. The outside was perfectly textured and the filling was very tasty - definitely burned my tongue with how quickly I ate it. Can't wait to come back for more - I can eat this all day, everyday!

Greg 5 months ago

Crispy Golden Bao

Amazing! I could eat a hundred! So good. It's awesome to have this new restaurant here. Perfect for date night!

Jgradl18 5 months ago

Grilled Chicken Banh Mi

The banh mi with chicken has very fragrant flavors with fresh veggies and soft bread. Very tasty!

Hellokittyfoodie 5 months ago

Zen Bowl

Shiok: Asian Slang to express awesome, delicious, very tasty, cool, wow! The Zen bowl is truly Shiok! It is a vegetarian delight consisting of bbq pulled jackfruit, coconut ginger chickpeas, shallot ginger rice, streetside corn, Asian slaw, pickled daikon-carrot-papaya, cucumbers, fresh shallots and cilantro. I love how the jackfruit is tender just like shredded chicken. The bowl is wonderfully healthy and truly does bring some zen ;).

Mike 5 months ago

Keto Lifestyle Bowl

I walked in during a soft opening but never got to try the food. The lady at the front said that I would have to wait until they officially opened. The atmosphere looked great and I'm sure the food is awesome. I wish they would have sent me away with something to snack on instead of leaving me empty handed. This way I could give them some feedback. I'll just have to wait.


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